The Path Forward

Why The Path Forward Readiness Plan?

To ensure a comprehensive start-up strategy for re-entry post COVID-19, incrementally reopen businesses using the appropriate protective measures necessary to safeguard the health of our community, workforce and visitors.


How Does It Work? 

Nine teams will address specific industries and sectors, working to identify and help craft solutions that can assist businesses in The Southern Beaufort County area successfully navigate the re-opening efforts post COVID-19.

Who Participates?

The community: residents, business leaders, employees and civic leaders.

To Ensure We:

  1. Protect our communities
  2. Allow for the safe reopening of businesses
  3. Establish clear expectations for employees and customers

Who Makes Up The Steering Committee?

The Path Forward Steering Committee is lead by Ray Warco, C.P.A. and has representation from.

  • The Town of Hilton Head Island
  • The Town of Bluffton
  • Hilton Head Regional Healthcare 
  • Other Healthcare Professionals

What are the Task Force Groups?

There are nine task force groups, each group has a chair or co-chair and representation from that particular business segment, local leadership and residents.  


Take the Pledge

Download your industry specific checklist and pledge document, confirm the checklist details, sign the pledge and email the signed document to [email protected]. We will send you the “I Took The Pledge” safety tool kit and window cling.

The seal demonstrates our commitment to safety as a top priority.



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