July Hilton Head Island Weather

The warmest month of the year by far for South Carolina, July ensures maximum beach weather with average monthly temperatures falling somewhere between 74 to 89 degrees, with a majority of the month hitting daily temperatures of over 80—even sometimes nearing 100 degrees.

These lazy days of summer attract an influx of visitors to the Island, as vacationers flock to the sandy shores to experience Hilton Head’s beaches, .  Take a bike ride to dinner, watch the fireworks at Shelter Cove (Tuesdays) or enjoy a warm, starry night walk on the beach.

Though the Island may be a little bit busier than usual, July is a great time to immerse yourself in Lowcounty culture. July 4th celebrations, live outdoor music at Island eateries and longer days make evenings in July fun and entertaining. For the ultimate experience, take advantage of the warm evenings and head to a Lowcountry Boil (or make your own like a local) to get a taste of real Island tradition.

When you live this close to the ocean, you can’t be afraid to get wet from time to time. Nowhere is this truer than Hilton Head Island in July, where an average 10 days of the month are slated for brief afternoon showers. Hide out the rain with a cocktail on a nearby covered patio, embrace the refreshing natural shower after a long bike ride, or use it as an excuse to catch some wonderful live theatre on a hot summers evening.

Longer days mean more time at the beach. Enjoy an average 14 hours of daylight during July on Hilton Head Island. You can expect a total of 278 hours of warm sun this month, and a total of 6 days with mainly clear skies. Showers are brief, and typically occur during the late afternoon. Skies clear quickly, and beautiful sunsets are on full display in July.

Embrace the higher humidity of July on Hilton Head Island and spend the days on the beach or near the pool. The most humid time of day during July is the morning with an average 92 percent, while early afternoon provides some relief at 52 percent humidity.

High: 89℉Low: 74℉
Rainfall: 6.2 inches
Hilton Head Island
Hilton Head Island

5-Day Forecast

March 31
Partly sunny

Partly sunny

High: 75°F
Low: 67°F
POP: 15%
April 01


High: 79°F
Low: 58°F
POP: 77%
April 02
Partly sunny

Partly sunny

High: 69°F
Low: 59°F
POP: 0%
April 03


High: 73°F
Low: 62°F
POP: 84%
April 04
Intermittent clouds

Intermittent clouds

High: 75°F
Low: 68°F
POP: 40%