May Hilton Head Island Weather

Vibrant flowers and the luscious green palmettos and oaks are the main attraction for the month of May. Beautifully warm temperatures and the lightest rainfall of the year make this month a dream to visit coastal South Carolina.

The Atlantic waters are finally warm enough to splash around in, which is perfect because you’ll need some cooling from the warm mid-day sun. The daily maximum temperatures during this month tend to sit in the low to mid-80s with the occasional 90-degree scorcher. 

As the sun goes down, so too does the heat and humidity to a balmy, but comfortable low of 60 to 65 degrees. The cooler evenings are the perfect time to explore Hilton Head’s culinary scene and enjoy fewer crowds and waitlists as the Island eases into the busy season.

May comes in like a lamb on Hilton Head Island. It’s one of our least rainy months, and the moderate to high temperatures mean you can leave your jacket and sleeves at home as the Island gets set to welcome summer.

The days are getting longer and so is your vacation to do list at Hilton Head Island. With nearly 14 hours of daylight, 9 days of clear skies, and 291 total hours of sun, there’s no limit to the things to see and do while visiting our coastal retreat. 

Summer is in the air on Hilton Head Island, and so is the humidity. Mornings during this month usually peak at 87 percent humidity, falling to a comfortable 50 percent by early afternoon. Although a bit higher in May, the humidity shouldn’t stand between your plans to make the most out of your stay on the Island.

High: 83℉Low: 64℉
Rainfall: 1.9 inches
Hilton Head Island
Hilton Head Island

5-Day Forecast

March 17
Mostly cloudy

Mostly cloudy

High: 71°F
Low: 59°F
POP: 0%
March 18


High: 63°F
Low: 45°F
POP: 88%
March 19
Partly sunny

Partly sunny

High: 61°F
Low: 44°F
POP: 10%
March 20


High: 60°F
Low: 43°F
POP: 71%
March 21


High: 59°F
Low: 51°F
POP: 91%