September Hilton Head Island Weather

Summer weather continues well into September on Hilton Head Island. Expect 70 plus degree weather most days, with highs soaring into the 80s, even the 90s, a few days this month.

The Island is also slightly less wet and rainy than August, with nearly 50 mm less of rain. Peak tourism season is also starting to dwindle, so September is the ideal time to visit Hilton Head to experience high-season temperatures with offseason perks.

Nights are starting to cool off, but don’t expect temperatures to dip much lower than 67 degrees for most of September. On average, the temperature drops to 60 degrees two nights this month, so bring a light jacket or sweater for evening walks and late night dinners.

Be prepared for a few days of rainfall during your visit to Hilton Head Island this September. With it being peak hurricane season in the Atlantic, an average 10 days of rain is to be expected, though the temperatures will remain warm. Even though it’s hurricane season, there's only a 4 percent probability that a hurricane will develop within 100 meters of Hilton Head. So throw on your raincoat and embrace the tropical showers.

Despite being warm, September marks the start of shorter days and longer nights. Expect an average of almost 13 hours of sunlight per day. Overcast or clear, this month is still one of the hotter ones on Hilton Head Island, so soak up as much of the remaining days of summer as possible.

September is by far one of the most humid months on Hilton Head Island. Mornings can begin with up to 91 percent humidity, while early afternoon proves more comfortable at around 60 percent.  With the  water remaining warm this time of year  spend your day poolside, swimming in the Atlantic, or kayaking the creeks and marshes.

High: 85℉Low: 69℉
Rainfall: 5.8 inches
Hilton Head Island
Hilton Head Island

4-Day Forecast

December 02
Mostly sunny

Mostly sunny

High: 65°F
Low: 56°F
POP: 15%
December 03
Partly sunny

Partly sunny

High: 73°F
Low: 58°F
POP: 2%
December 04


High: 60°F
Low: 52°F
POP: 25%
December 05


High: 58°F
Low: 58°F
POP: 69%