Hilton Head Pharmacies Dispense a New Approach to Proactive Wellness

Two independent, locally owned pharmacies in Hilton Head are dispensing a new and proactive approach to wellness. Burkes Pharmacy (1101 Main Street, across from the Harris Teeter) and Stephen’s Compounding Pharmacy (430 William Hilton Pkwy, in Pineland Station) offer different, but equally comprehensive and boutique-like services to ensure clients receive optimal health care.

Tim Burke

David’s brother Tim Burke

Burkes Pharmacy

“We wanted to get away from you handing us a piece of paper and we hand you some pills. I want to monitor your cholesterol, your blood pressure, your drug interactions,” says David Burke of the 26-year-old, family-owned Burkes Pharmacy.

In addition to creating a complete health profile for clients, David and his staff (which includes his brother Tim) track their patients, make lifestyle adjustment recommendations (like dietary and proper medical equipment advice), and recently built a new room for breast cancer survivors.

“We wanted to provide a private, feminine space with certified fitters for undergarments and breast prosthetics. We’re so happy to make a difference in these women’s lives and give some sense of normalcy,” said David.

This level of caring is in David’s blood.

“This is the only job I’ve ever known,” said David. “Tim and I were stock boys. We made deliveries during blizzards. My daughter Mary Meghan works here and when my son turns 14 he will start.”

Burkes also gives back to the community by being involved with several schools and churches of multiple faiths, selling tickets for different organizations, and featuring local authors. For Burkes, this is all part of being andstaying well.

Burkes Pharmacy Services:

  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Long term care consulting
  • Immunizations (flu, pneumonia, shingles – age 18+)
  • Home medical equipment
  • Compounding (human & pet)
  • Medication therapy
  • Greeting cards
  • Personalized attention
  • Work or home delivery
  • A comprehensive website with diagnostic links

Sheila Stephens

Sheila Stephens

Stephens Compounding Pharmacy

Equally dedicated to her clients, Sheila Stephens said, “We are here to help you feel fabulous. We incorporate integrative and traditional medicine and all our work goes into that initiative.”

Working in oncology, a neonatal unit, and in all stages and health situations of women, Stephens has always been an advocate for women’s health. She decided to apply her expertise and chose a career in compounding because, “I wanted to help people be well before the disease stage and there is no one size fits all. Compounding meets both those needs.”

To enhance her clients’ personalized experience, Stephens will begin offering massage therapy in January, as well as educational events and essential oils. In addition, Stephens is gearing up for a sterile lab, injectable forms of medications that are in short supply (like pain medications and anesthesia), and expanding services into the Beaufort area by offering free shipping.

Already, Sheila is proud of her new meeting space.

“This atmosphere is meant to help you feel like you can breathe again and get back into balance,” said Sheila of the recently finished addition. The room is cozy, well decorated and complete with a flat screen TV for presentations.

Sheila credits much of her pharmacy’s success to her relationship with her physician base.

“99% of the local physicians, I can call and discuss the best possible options for our clients,” said Sheila. “I want to be part of your health care advocacy. I want to be another person on your team. When I speak to your doctor, he or she is not speaking with some stranger.”

For this reason, Sheila even invites and sponsors local physicians to medical seminars and conventions.

“The beauty of living in Hilton Head is the diversity of the people. Plus, people here have a high motivation to be their best selves so it’s great to work with that mindset,” said Sheila.

Stephens Services:

  • Medical grade nutritional supplements for people and pets
  • Hormone optimization for men and women
  • Weight loss consultation
  • One on one assessments regarding drug interactions, diet, and supplements
  • Customized blends
  • Private label products
  • Transdermal creams that can be applied to the skin and go into blood stream to relieve pain without toxins, liver issues, or drowsiness
  • Wound care (ex: diabetic and surgical wounds)
  • RX skincare
  • Be well, Becca
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