Palmetto Bluff: An Ecological Fête for All

Whenever my family needs a retreat—whether it is a romantic weekend getaway with just my husband or an afternoon of family bonding with all three kids—we head over to Palmetto Bluff. The air feels cleaner there. The sun seems brighter there. And the smiles beam bigger there.

Road under the trees

“Why?” you might ask.

“Palmetto Bluff reveals the best parts of Lowcountry living rather than using artificial elements to create the experience. We are known for our beautiful live oaks, pristine waterways, miles of nature trails, exceptional Lowcountry cuisine, epicurean events and preservation of our history,” said Gerrit Albert, General Manager of Palmetto Bluff.

Simply said, Palmetto Bluff is an ecological fête. You can’t help but feel enveloped and inspired by nature there. And here’s the best part—you don’t have to come with what my girls call a “fun game plan.” You can take a boat ride over there, or go through funky downtown Bluffton (and maybe stop along the way at some of the local markets like Cahill’s). Once at Palmetto Bluff, see where the wind takes you. The folks there are always thinking of ways to get you outside and into nature.

Man and women biking

According to Christine Wrobel, Marketing Manager of Palmetto Bluff, you can now rent bikes on the property—whether you are staying at the Inn or not. “Palmetto Bluff currently has over 13 miles of bike trails to explore the area. Bikes can be rented through our recreation department located next to the Inn. It is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. It costs $15 for four hours, $20 for eight hours, and additional bike attachments, caboose or tagalongs for $10,” said Wrobel.

Other activities you might try:

  • Kayaking, canoeing and other boat excursions through Outside Palmetto Bluff.
  • Taking a nature walk. You can stroll or clock in some miles while getting your daily dose of vitamin D.
  • Dining at the River House or at Buffalo’s or picnicking at a scenic spot.
  • Enjoying the community tree house and swings located across from RT’s market just outside of the Village.
  • Getting pampered at Palmetto Bluff’s award-winning Auberge Spa.

For my family—and perhaps yours, as well—we so much more appreciate and cherish the times we check out of the daily grind and check in with the outdoors and ourselves. Wrobel agrees explaining, “We all get caught up in the technology around us. It’s important to get out and enjoy the real world and people around us. The activities and environment at Palmetto Bluff give people a way to connect with each other and to re-charge themselves.”

palmetto running

Other Re-charging Opportunities:

  • December 13th—Christmas in the Village. Guests are invited to bring a blanket or chairs, sit on the Village Green and watch “A Christmas Story.” Gates open up at 4:30 p.m. and Santa will be around meeting and greeting guests.
  • March 9th—the Palmetto Bluff Half Marathon. Experience all that Palmetto Bluff has to offer while getting fit.

Wrobel admits, “There’s so much to enjoy about Palmetto Bluff, like sitting in our rocking chairs and looking out on the May River is so peaceful. Also, the drive in is amazing. It never gets old seeing the light filter through the trees like beams of gold—you can’t help but know you’re entering into something amazing,” said Wrobel.

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