Golf Course with the ocean in the background.

2 Ways to Get Your Kids (of All Ages) Out on the Course

Maybe you’re dreaming of a white (as in the sand in our bunkers) Christmas on Hilton Head Island, or planning a spring or summer trip with the family to the Golf Island to play, with a family who’s not quite as golf-crazed as you are. Show them this blog. Two of the Lowcountry’s favorite courses are now looking at new ways to get your kids on the course, with golf played in ways they’ll understand, will probably love, and will even more probably beat you- guaranteeing a great afternoon of family fun. The two new offshoots of the great game of golf are FootGolf and FlingGolf, and both bring skills young people already have, to a sport the rest of us will never master.

foot golf

Port Royal Golf Course has set aside some of its Planter’s Row course for FootGolf, a sport that, in its simplest form, is a mix of soccer and golf. You kick a soccer ball with the goal of getting it into a 21-inch cup in the fewest number of kicks/strokes. Par-3s play up 75 yards, par-4s up to 165 and par-5s a little longer. You can play 9 holes in an hour, 18 in less than two, it’s cheaper for equipment and tee times, and obviously, your kids will be at an advantage with their finely-honed soccer skills! And obviously, it’s not just for kids. Brady Boyd of Heritage Golf has become hooked on the sport and regularly joins the dozens to come out to play Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons.

Old South Golf Links has introduced FlingGolf to the Lowcountry—a sport that literally has you “flinging” a regular golf ball toward a regular hole on the terrific Clyde Johnston-designed Old South and you only need one ‘club’! Got a kid who plays lacrosse, or baseball? They’ll be really good at this in a hurry, but you can catch up with a little practice, using different muscle groups and maybe a simpler movement than the often-difficult golf swing. Old South general manager Scott Adams says he’s embraced the game and everyone who’s tried it, especially younger players, seems to love the new crossover sport.

Fling golf

And though it’s probably not recommended, both sports can be played with a beverage in one hand! Boyd and Adams both say it might even create more interest in “traditional” golf amongst your family, and who among us doesn’t love that idea?

Golf Course with the ocean in the background.

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