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The Sounds of RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing

The RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing is much more than golf - it's also a fantastic opportunity to check out these musical acts. There's something for all musical tastes! 

The RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing  is a delight for the senses. It’s time to watch some of the world’s best golfers, see everyone decked out in their very finest plaid ensembles, and, of course, sample delectable fresh seafood and  Southern cuisine in between rounds of golf. This year, RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing will also be a treat for the ears! With musical performances taking place all over Hilton Head Island during the tournament week, be sure to check out a show or two.

Monday, April 15th  

For those looking to kick off festivities early—fear not! The RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing  is filled with entertainment from the get-go. At 1PM, Souls Harbor will be serenading the Tiki Hut, followed by a performance from Ben Lewis (6PM). 6PM will be a busy time slot, with additional performances from Bobby Magyarosi at Carolina Crab Company, Tommy Sims rocking Aunt Chilada’s Easy Street Cafe, Pat & Kat playing The Big Bamboo, and last but not least, Mike Bagenstone performing at Charbar.

But that’s not all­—at 7PM you’ll find Daryl Ann Ingman playing at the Fishcamp on Broadcreek, as well as La Bodega Lite jamming out at The Crazy Crab. At 7:30PM, wind down with some smooth jazz tunes performed by Martin Lesch at the Jazz Corner. If you’re not ready to call it a night there, head to the Boardroom for the final performance of the evening, and experience an alternative acoustic set from Jon Rooks.

Tuesday, April 16th

On day two of the tournament there’s no shortage of action! If you’re looking to start your day early, Mike Korbar will be on stage at 1PM performing at the Tiki Hut. Next, catch Pachanga playing The Porch Southern Kitchen & Bar at 5PM. Things start to heat up at 7PM, with performances from several artists including Josh Hughes at Reilley’s Grill & Bar, The Mike Barbara Trio rocking the Sea Pines Beach Club, Nick Poulin playing at the Fishcamp on Broadcreek, and Ben Hughy jamming out at Aunt Chilada’s Easy Street Cafe. Jon Rooks will return for his second show (7PM) in just as many days at Carolina Crab Company. At 7:30PM, slow it down with a groovy jazz performance from Fat Tuesday’s at Jazz Corner. Finally, close your night with StuMakesBeats at The Lodge at 10PM.

Wednesday, April 17th

Midway through the week and there’s no slowing down! The Tiki Hut is a great place to go if you’re looking to start the day early, with Ben Clark kicking things off at 1PM and a second performance from the Jalapeno Bros in the evening (6PM). Also at 6PM, Nashville’s own Brooks Hubbard Band will be bringing their folk-rock sound to the Fishcamp on Broadcreek, while Patrick Blake plays the Hurricane Bar, the Simpson Bros serenade Aunt Chilada’s Easy Street Cafe, Zach Stevens performs at Charbar, and Eric Reid jams out at FISH. That’s not all: there are two more performances at 6PM—Ross2 at Bucci’s, and Bobby and Yannie who will be playing on the Coligny Main Stage.

At 6:30PM don’t miss Cameron Tate as he rocks the house at The Big Bamboo, followed by a number of performances at 7PM from Sara Burns at Crazy Crab, John Brakett Jazz Quartet at Red Fish, and A Band Named Kevon at Port & Pig. At 7:30 Bobby Ryder will be playing Jazz Corner.

To kick off the evening performances, StuMakesBeats is back for more dancing and fun at Lucky Rooster (8PM), and Patwa Reggae bringing their reggae sound to The Big Bamboo (10PM), and Groove Town Assault at the Boardroom (10PM).

Thursday, April 18th

Thursday starts off early at the Tiki Hut with a performance from Zach Stiltner 1PM, and Zach Deputy and The Yankees at 6PM. At 5:30PM, Nick Poulin returns to play the Sea Pines Beach Club. When 6PM rolls around, Levi Moore will be playing the Black Marlin, while the Simpson Bros are back to rock the Fishcamp on Broadcreek. Catch Ben Hughey at 6:30PM, who will be performing at The Big Bamboo. At 7PM multiple acts will be playing, including CornBred at Aunt Chilada’s Easy Street Cafe, Dillon Dixon at Reilley’s Grill & Bar, Souls Harbor on the Harbor Town Main Stage, and finally, the Mike Barbara Trio at Sea Pines Beach Club. Hit Jazz Corner at 7:30PM, to jam out to Lavon Stevens as he brings down the house. If you have a love for rooftop patios, you won’t want to miss DRIVIN’ N CRYIN’ at Poseidon.

There will be lots of entertainment late into the evening, with two 10PM performances: catch Ben Lewis, who will be playing The Porch Southern Kitchen & Bar, and Carl Wockner and Daniel Bell at the Boardroom. Finally, to close the night, The Big Bamboo will host the fan-favorite Open Mic at 10:30PM.

Friday, April 19th  

Whitley Deputy will be performing at the Tiki Hut at 1PM, followed by Preachervan at 6PM. Also at 6PM, Tommy Sims will be making his third appearance this week at Charbar. The night continues at 7PM when Carl Wockner returns to play he Fishcamp on Broadcreek, and Souls Harbor at the Skull Creek Boathouse. Daniel Bell will play at Crazy Crab (7PM), Keystone Postcard will play the Black Marlin (7PM), and the Josh Brannon Band will be performing at the Harbor Town Mainstage.

Friday night continues with The Champian Fulton Quartet bringing their blues sound to Jazz Corner at 7:30PM, and StuMakesBeats returning to The Lodge for a performance at 8:30PM.

Poseidon is open for a second night of rooftop patio fun when The SPAZMATICS perform at 9PM. To close the night, make sure you don’t miss returning acts Jon Rooks at the The Porch Southern Kitchen & Bar (10PM), and the Brooks Hubbard Band at Reilley’s Grill & Bar (10PM).

Saturday, April 20th 

Start your day at the Tiki Hut with performances from Jojo Squirrel & The Home Pickles, and the Brooks Hubbard Band (1PM). Ross2 will be returning to Bucci’s for a second time at 6PM, with Eric Reid playing Local Pie at 6:30PM. Two acts will be hitting the stage at 7PM, with Maggie Rose performing on the Harbor Town Main Stage, and Carl Wockner at the Crazy Crab.

Saturday gets busier, when The Champian Fulton Quartet return to Jazz Corner at 7:30PM. At 8PM, catch Scott Kirby playing the Roasting Room where he performs some beach-inspired acoustic tunes.  If you’re still on the hunt for some Saturday night excitement, you can catch Yannie & Bobby playing The Porch Southern Kitchen & Bar, Taco Donkey at The Big Bamboo, and last but not least, Josh Brannon Band at Reilley’s Grill & Bar (All at 10PM).

Sunday, April 21st  

Sunday will be your last day to catch some of the action at the RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing, so don’t miss out on the musical fun! To start the day, Jon Rooks returns for one last performance at Fishcamp on Broadcreek at 12PM.The Tiki Hut will feature Groove Town Assault (1PM), and Carl Wockner (6PM). Starting at 6PM, catch performances by Dave Wingo at Crazy Crab and Zack Stiltner at Charbar. Sunday goes out with a bang, featuring several acts at 7PM, including Cameron Tate at Aunt Chilada’s Easy Street Cafe, Daniel Bel at  Fishcamp on Broadcreek, Matt Robbins at Carolina Crab Company, and the Simpson Bros for one last performance at Reilley’s Grill & Bar.

End the festival with the 8:30PM Swampfire Sessions at the Whiskey Room, and finally, one last celebration with StuMakesBeats at the Boardroom.


Line-up at a Glance: 


  • Bobby Magyarosi - Carolina Crab Company - 6 PM
  • Tommy Sims - Aunt Chiladas - 6 PM
  • Daryl Ann Ingman - Fishcamp on Broadcreek - 7 PM
  • Jon Rooks - The Boardroom - 10 PM
  • La Bodega Lite - The Crazy Crab - 7 PM
  • Pat & Kat - The Big Bamboo - 6 PM
  • Mike Bagenstone - Charbar - 6 PM
  • Souls Harbor Acoustic Duo - Tiki Hut - 1 PM
  • Ben Lewis - Tiki Hut - 6 PM
  • Martin Lesch - Jaz Corner - 7:30 PM


  • The Simpson Brothers - Crazy Crab - 6 PM
  • Ben Hughey - Aunt Chiladas - 7PM
  • Jon Rooks - Carolina Crab Co. - 7 PM
  • Nick Poulin - Fishcamp - 7PM
  • Brooks Hubbard Band - The Boardroom - 10 PM
  • Reid Richmond - Charbar - 6 PM
  • Kevin Parris - Jiva Yoga - 6 PM
  • CornBred - Big Bambo - 6:30 PM
  • Mike Barbara Trio - Sea Pines Beach Club - 7 PM
  • Josh Hughes - Reilley’s - 7 PM
  • StuMakesBeats - The Lodge - 10 PM
  • Mike Korbar - Tiki Hut - 1 PM
  • Pachanga - The Porch - 5 PM
  • Fat Tuesday’s - Jazz Corner - 7:30 PM


  • Brooks Hubbard - Fishcamp - 6 PM
  • Patrick Blake - Hurricane Bar - 6 PM
  • Simpson Bros. - Aunt Chiladas - 6 PM
  • Zach Stevens - Charbar - 6 PM
  • Eric Reid - Fish - 6 PM
  • StuMakesBeats - Lucky Rooster - 8 PM
  • A Band Named Kevon - Porter & Pig - 7 PM
  • John Brackett Jazz Quartet - Red Fish - 7 PM
  • Sara Burns - Crazy Crab - 7 PM
  • Tommy Sims 7 PM
  • Patwa Reggae - Big Bamboo - 10 PM
  • Groove Town Assault - Boardroom - 10 PM
  • Cameron Tate - Big Bamboo - 6:30 PM
  • Ben Clark - Tiki Hut - 1 PM
  • Jalapeno Bros. - Tiki Hutt - 6 PM
  • Ross2 - Bucci’s - 6 PM
  • Bobby Ryder - Jazz Corner - 7:30 PM
  • Bobby and Yannie - Coligny Main Stage - 6 PM


  • Drivin’ N Cryin' - 9 PM - Rooftop Bar at Poseidon
  • Nick Poulin - Sea Pines Beach Club - 5:30 PM
  • Zach Stiltner - Tiki Hut - 1 PM
  • Zach Deputy & The Yankees - Tiki Hut - 6 PM
  • Ben Lewis - The Porch - 10 PM
  • Levi Moore - Black Marlin - 6 PM
  • Simpson Bros. - Fishcamp - 6 PM
  • Ben Hughey - Big Bamboo - 6:30 PM
  • Brooks Hubbard - Crazy Crab - 7 PM
  • CornBred - Aunt Chiladas - 7 PM
  • Dillon Dixon - Reilley’s - 7 PM
  • Mike Barbara Trio - Sea Pines Beach Club - 7 PM
  • Carl Wockner and Daniel Bell - The Boardroom - 10 PM
  • Classic Open Mic - Big Bamboo - 10:30 PM
  • Lavon Stevens - Jazz Corner - 7:30 PM
  • Souls Harbor - Harbor Town Main Stage -  7 PM


  • The Spazmatics - 9 PM - Rooftop Bar at Poseidon
  • Whitley Deputy - Tiki Hut - 1 PM
  • Preachervan - Tiki Hut - 6 PM
  • Jon Rooks - The Porch - 10 PM
  • The Champian Fulton Quartet - Jazz Corner - 7:30 PM
  • Tommy Sims - Charbar - 6 PM
  • Carl Wockner - Fishcamp - 7 PM
  • Daniel Bell - Crazy Crab - 7 PM
  • Keystone Postcard - Black Marlin - 7 PM
  • Souls Harbor - Skull Creek Boathouse - 7 PM
  • StuMakesBeat - The Lodge - 8:30 PM
  • Brooks Hubbard Band - Reilley’s - 10 PM
  • Josh Brannon Band - Harbor Town Main Stage - 7 PM


  • Jojo Squirrel & The Home Pickles - Tiki Hut - 1 PM
  • Brooks Hubbard - Tiki Hut - 1 PM
  • Yannie & Bobby - The porch - 10 PM
  • Ross2 - Bucci’s - 6 PM
  • The Champian Fulton Quartet - Jazz Corner - 7:30 PM
  • Eric Reid - Local Pie - 6:30 PM
  • Scott Kirby - Roasting Room - 8 PM
  • Josh Brannon Band - Reilley’s - 10 PM
  • Daniel Bell - Aunt Chilada’s
  • Taco Donkey - Big Bamboo - 10 PM
  • Maggie Rose - Harbor Town Main Stage - 7 PM
  • Carl Wockner - Crazy Crab - 7 PM


  • Groove Town Assault - Tiki Hut - 1 PM
  • Carl Wockner - Tiki Hut - 6 PM
  • Dave Wingo - Crazy Crab 6 PM
  • Swampfire Sessions - Whiskey Room - 8:30 PM
  • Zack Stiltner - Charbar - 6 PM
  • Cameron Tate - Aunt Child’s - 7 PM
  • Daniel Bel - Fishcamp - 7 PM
  • Matt Robbins - Carolina Crab Co. - 7 PM
  • Simpson Bros. - Reilley’s - 7 PM
  • StuMakesBeats - The Boardroom - 10 PM

For more live music information, please visit swampfirerecords.com.

Heritage Music

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