Free Download: Lowcountry-Inspired Desktop Backgrounds

Spring is here - it's a new season and a fresh start. Why not celebrate by adding a touch of Lowcountry to your computer desktop or your smartphone? We've created these free downloadable backgrounds inspired by the beauty of Hilton Head Island and would love to share them with you. Simply right-click to save your preferred image to your device, then save it as your desktop background and enjoy a daily peek at springtime in Lowcountry. 

360x640 dolphin background
360x640 dolphin background for mobile


375x667 dolphin background
375x667 dolphin background for mobile
1366x768 dolphin background
1366x768 dolphin background for desktop
1920x1080 dolphin background
1920x1080 dolphin background for desktop
360x640 golf background
360x640 golf background for mobile
375x667 golf background
375x667 golf background for mobile
1366x768 golf background
1366x768 golf background for desktop
1920x1080 golf background
1920x1080 golf background for desktop
360x640 boardwalk background
360x640 boardwalk background for mobile
375x667 boardwalk background
375x667 boardwalk background for mobile
1366x768 boardwalk background
1366x768 boardwalk background for desktop
1920x1080 boardwalk background
1920x1080 boardwalk background for desktop
360x640 bike background
360x640 bike background for mobile
375x667 bike background
375x667 bike background for mobile
1366x768 bike background
1366x768 bike background for desktop
1920x1080 bike background
1920x1080 bike background for desktop
360x640 tennis background
360x640 tennis background for mobile
375x667 tennis background
375x667 tennis background for mobile
1366x768 tennis background
1366x768 tennis background for desktop
1920x1080 tennis background for mobile
1920x1080 tennis background for desktop


Spruce up your desktop or mobile background with free Hilton Head Island wallpaper. Download your favorite now!

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Hilton Head is America’s favorite island, offering 12 miles of pristine beaches and everything you need for the ultimate retreat. Enjoy easy days relaxing in the sun, sand and surf on some of the best beaches in the country.
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